Fire Protection

What type of fire extinguisher is best for your home? What proper ways can you test it? This episode of HouseChatt we have tips on what you need to know when looking for the right extinguisher for your safety needs. (423)326-3367 . International Fire Protection of Chattanooga.

Mango Decor

Mango's home decor is on Cherokee Blvd, Chattanooga, TN. They can guide you to decorate according to what you like, or need, in your home. They have large items such as furniture, as well as smaller items including candles.

Rose Varieties

Blue Ivy Flowers is our guest, to tell us more about roses.  Roses come in a variety of colors, and each can have its own meaning.  Suggestions for gift ideas on this edition as well. Blue Ivy Flowers is located in downtown Chattanooga.  Visit

Bathroom Remodeling

Our bath installer Shannon is explaining some of the helpful reasons that one may look to upgrade their bath. Shannon helps us to understand the process of a bath upgrade from the first appointment to the finish. Did you know you can get a bath install in 1 day? Most people are [...]