Childrens Hospital at Erlanger

Our Host, Matt Hullander shares a topic very dear to his heart, and very important to our community. Guest Stephen Wagner with Chattanooga's Erlanger Hospital joins us to discuss what is being done to secure a new hospital for children in our area, and, why it is so important we need one [...]

EPB Solar Share

EPB is our guest today, here to tell us about "Solar Share" , EPB owns a solar farm, and is able to offer new products for customers to choose from. If an EPB customer would like to utilize solar energy, but not have it put directly on their home, EPB can provide [...]

Collier Construction

Ethan Collier is our guest today on this edition of HouseChatt, He is here to tell us about the process of building a house to meet your needs, design the interiors the way you desire. There are two different Scenarios, one of which where you purchase a lot in a neighborhood and [...]

Fire Protection

What type of fire extinguisher is best for your home? What proper ways can you test it? This episode of HouseChatt we have tips on what you need to know when looking for the right extinguisher for your safety needs. (423)326-3367 . International Fire Protection of Chattanooga.